What is an ‘Olympics Live Site’?

A location hosting a free of charge opportunity to watch the Olympic Games on Seven.

Will the Olympics Live Sites be COVID-safe?

All Olympics Live Sites must comply with all relevant Government Health Orders and COVID-19 restrictions.

Can I host an Olympics Live Site at my school/community club/home?

Yes, you can host an Olympics Live Site at your school, community club or home and Olympics Live Assets are available via the Olympics Live Shop for you to purchase / obtain for free.

Can I sell tickets to the event?

No, you cannot sell tickets to your Olympics Live Site. All Olympics Live Sites and associated viewing events must be free to attend.

Can I promote my Olympics Live event?

You may only promote your Olympics Live Event by:

  • displaying posters inside your venue (using the template provided in the Olympics Live Shop);
  • if you are a club or membership based organisation, sending one EDM (with no branding of the AOC, Westpac or Seven) to existing members notifying them of the details of your Olympics Live Site;
  • posting one social media post using the approved and provided tile supplied by the AOC (accessed through the Olympic Live Shop), where the details of your Olympics Live Event are inserted; and
  • posting details of your Olympics Live Site on your website with no branding of AOC, Westpac or Seven.

Can I use branding and corporate logos at my Olympics Live Site?

No. Olympics Live Assets cannot be placed near any other branding or logos. Olympics Live Assets must only to be used in the express manner for which they are provided and in the spirit of promoting and encouraging participation in Olympic sports and not the promotion of a brand or organisation

Can I alter the Olympics Live Assets I purchase?

All Olympics Live Assets, including digital assets, must not be altered in any way and you must not attach, print or write any words/slogans/branding/images on any Olympics Live Assets.

Can I run a fundraising activity for our club/school at my Olympics Live Site?

Yes, you may host fundraising activities at your Olympic Live Site, however it must remain free to attend.

Can I have food vendors come to my Olympics Live Site?

Yes, you can have external vendors come and provide food and beverage services for your Olympics Live Event, however no vendors can conduct any activations at your Olympics Live Event.

Can I charge people for tables or chairs?

No, the Olympics Live Event must be free to attend.

Can I serve alcohol at my Olympics Live Site?

Yes., however you must comply with all relevant local laws, permits, approvals and licensing requirements in your state and territory and you must comply with responsible service of alcohol regulations.

Can I have my club/sport/organizational sponsors activate at my Olympics Live Site?

No, only official Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) or International Olympic Committee (IOC) sponsors or partners can activate at the Olympic Live Sites. No other non-AOC / IOC sponsors or partners can activate at any Olympics Live Site.

Can a non-Olympic sports club host an Olympics Live Site?

Olympics Live is open and accessible to all clubs of Olympics Sports to participate.

What are the Olympics Live Assets?

These are physical signage and digital marketing items, available for you to use as part of your Olympics Live Site event. Physical signage items are available for purchase, while digital marketing items are available free-of-charge.

How are the Olympics Live Assets delivered, is there a cost?

Shipping is provided by third-party courier and freight service providers. All costs are calculated at check out.

Is there a minimum order?


Are there any discounts on large orders of Olympics Live Assets?

Yes. Please see the discounted ‘Packs’ for quantity discounts.

Who can I contact in regards to the Olympics Live Assets?

Please enter a submission through this shop, selecting only the free digital assets, and leave a comment requesting further contact on the check out page

Can I stage a Live Site without purchasing any Olympics Live Assets?

You can host an Olympics Live Site in a non-private residence without the Olympics Live Assets, however you will still be obligated to sign an AOC Olympics Live Agreement and Seven Broadcast Agreement. You will not be required to sign an AOC Olympics Live Agreement or Seven Broadcast Agreement if your Olympics Live Site is your private residence.